One Huge Way To Tailor Your Next Sales Pitch

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Salespeople are always looking for a meaningful way to connect with a prospect as quickly as possible.  If they knew more about the prospect, especially their personality type, they could tailor their pitch in a style better designed to reach them.  

Fortunately, Myers-Briggs has given salespeople a huge leg up in this arena.  Research has shown that 75% of all people are Sensors.  

* Sensors are concrete, detailed-oriented people who are focused on the here and now.  

* They are drawn to physical realities--what they can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.  

* Sensors like facts. They are practical; they learn best when someone shows them how they can use the information they are being taught.  

* Sensors will do things according to how experience has taught them to do it rather than try a new, unproven solution.  To Sensors, talk is cheap.  They want evidence.  

* As a group, Sensors are greatly concerned with the bottom line.

* When delivering facts, Sensors will move sequentially through them.  

So what does that mean for those of you in sales?

When you don’t know a prospect’s personality type, assume they are a Sensor. Until they show you that they want the big picture, talk in metaphors or generalities, or talk about the meaning behind the facts you are sharing.  If they seem bored with details, they are part of the 25% of us who are Intuitives.  

To best reach Sensors with your pitch:

  • Focus on concrete facts

  • Discuss the steps involved in the correct sequence

  • Emphasize immediate or short-term benefits

  • Build credibility by emphasizing relevant experience

  • When outlining an idea, state when the details will be sorted out and who will do it.

You will want to over-prepare for the meeting as they may want to dive deep into details.  Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know, but assure them you will get back to them with the answer to their detailed questions.  Make sure you follow through thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

If you are pitching to someone higher up in an organization, you don't want to waste their time. Even the leader is a Sensor, they may be able to put together the details through a bullet point.  So you will need to anticipate that: adjust the pitch by saying you will give the high level bullet points, and then will dive in deep to the bullet points they want details on.

As a side note, if you discover early on in your pitch that the leader is not a Sensor, be sure to adjust the presentation to a more Intuitive style.  Our next blog will discuss how to create a presentation for them.

Chew On This:

  • Which of your prospects are you sure are Sensors?  What do they have in common

Ryan C. Bailey is President and CEO of an organizational effectiveness company that supports leaders in developing in-demand high performing teams

*This blog is an amalgamation of a few different clients.  No one single client is being singled out.