Ask Yourself These 7 Questions Before Your Next Performance Review

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We are at that time of year when many receive their performance reviews.  Some of you may have done fantastic, others of you were disappointed.  The way you saw your performance differed from how your boss saw it.

A few questions come to mind that can help you to “far exceed” in your next performance review:

  1. What held you back from getting a “far exceeds”?  What specific actions can you take to get the “far exceeds”? (Make sure they are so tangible that an intelligent third grader could check the box that you met those “far exceeds” expectations.)

  2. What are the means to measure those expectations?

  3. What is the core part of your role? (Another way to ask it is, What is the most important part of your role?)

  4. How can you leverage your strengths to “far exceed” what is expected in the most core part of your role?

  5. How can you show thought leadership ( in your role?

  6. How can you help others on your team to “far exceed”?

  7. Who influences your boss or others who evaluate you?  How can you appropriately make them aware that you are “far exceeding”?

Chew On This:

  • Are there any other questions you can think of that would help you to gain a “far exceeds” rating?  (Please email those to me... Thanks!)

Ryan C. Bailey is President and CEO of an organizational effectiveness company that supports leaders in developing in-demand high performing teams

*This blog is an amalgamation of a few different clients.  No one single client is being singled out.