Take the Time to Know How Your Employees are Doing


Do you know how your employees are doing?

Don’t just say yes. Really think about it. Think about the individual coworkers that you see day-to-day, and ask yourself if you truly know how they are doing.

It is important to keep up with how your employees are doing for many reasons.

Think of how you feel when someone really takes the time to get to know you, and to check up on you regularly. It makes you feel valued and important, right? Maybe it increases your mood, puts a smile on your face or encourages you to ask how someone else is doing. No matter what, there’s no doubt that it makes you feel good.

If you see the benefit of this in your own life, make sure to apply it in your workplace. If you take the time to get to know your staff members and check up on them regularly, it will surely make them feel valued and important as well.

As the work relationship grows, your employee will continue to feel more and more a part of the team, and your business will be sure to grow in these three areas: customer service, work environment, and vision pursuit.

Customer Service

Business owners depend on their staff to provide excellent customer service. Think about the quality of service, or lack thereof, that would be provided by employees that hate their job.

If someone comes to work each and every day upset, frustrated or in a bad mood, they’re not going to represent the company well in any capacity.

The more that you can do to make your employees feel appreciated and thankful to be working where they are, the more they will naturally provide greater customer service.

Work Environment

All parts of your business create a culture within your company. One of these parts includes the team you build up. The staff members you employ have a large effect on the atmosphere of your office.

Who would want their workers talking behind their backs? What business owner would desire their employees to dislike them?

Care for your employees well, and the environment of your workplace will certainly be pleasant.

Vision Pursuit

Look at your business vision. Are you going in that direction? Or are you moving farther away from what you originally desired for your company?

Do your employees know about your vision?

As you care for your employees and show them that you appreciate them and are thankful for all that they do, they will naturally show that they love their job.

This is where loyalty develops. They want your company to see success. They want your company to grow.

If they know your vision and are being taken care of by their authority, they will surely work their best and hardest to pursue the company’s vision.

How can you apply this?

Here is just one example. Maybe you have noticed that one of your employees has been slacking lately. Try taking them out to lunch and see what they’re going through. Ask how you can pray for them.

This simple act can make a huge difference in terms of their performance as an employee and their happiness as a person.


Ryan C. Bailey is an Executive Coach who helps business leaders develop in-demand high performing teams.