Ryan Bailey has helped me in more ways than I could ever express.

His knowledge, guidance, and counsel have not only strengthened my professional outlook and goals, but also my personal development and growth.

He is personable, trustworthy, and creative. He definitely has me as a client for life.
— Courtney Yancy, Director of Construction, Family Follar
Ryan has played a significant role in helping me get to the next level in business- both from a productivity and prosperity standpoint.

His coaching has been extremely valuable in helping me better harness my vision and mental energy, giving me the ability to develop strategies that have helped bring my company to the top of our industry.
— Dirk Tanis, Founder and COO, Applied Nutriceuticals
I must say that at first I was quite skeptical of executive coaching but after sitting through an intense 2-day workshop followed by some great one-on-one coaching sessions, I was totally hooked. Especially since I realized how I was able to learn, recognize, and deal with some of my own challenges and opportunities but most importantly how to deal with all the various personality types on our team. Ryan introduced us to Myers-Briggs which helped me tremendously on recognizing how I have to adjust to other people’s style in order to be successful and accomplish what I need to versus the other way around.

After 26 years in business and leading many great teams, I had no idea how much more I had to learn not only about myself and my social awareness as it pertains to relationship management, but also about how I can benefit and how my team can benefit from using all these tools and especially emotional intelligence to get to work much more efficiently with all different types of personalities.

It has definitely improved my leadership ability and the overall excitement and spirit of not only my team, but our overall department and organization.
— Hubert Tupay, Head of Intermediary Sales, IHG
Ryan’s coaching has been an integral part of the growth of my business.

His coaching not only allowed me to transfer my vision to action but also helped me continually refine my vision.

I’ve learned to focus my efforts on a few specific actions and to measure results by the performance of those actions.
Whatever field or business you are in; whether you are the top dog or the low man on the totem pole, if you want to achieve greater things you need top level coaching and Ryan is top level.
— Brandon Colberg, Retail Mortgage, Wells Fargo