With a number of interactive workshops, Ryan C. Bailey & Associates offers learning opportunities for leaders, teams, and entire organizations. We believe in the power of group learning as we all have much to learn from those around us and love to cultivate environments that foster learning and growth.

All workshops are offered in 1-hr, half-day, and full-day increments.

RCBA Workshops


Becoming a High Performing Team

High Performing Teams are the teams that everyone wants to work for. They get so much done and have a lot of fun doing it. Engagement is high; turnover is low. Team members believe in each other and bring out the best in one another. This workshop outlines what it takes to move a team from where they are now to becoming a High Performing Team!


MBTI: Leadership by Type

Utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), this workshop leverages fun role plays and exercises to help teams recognize how individual members are wired, what similarities are shared, and what differences can be celebrated. With a focus on communication, collaboration, and engagement, this workshop provides the cornerstone of teamwork through helping team members understand one another.


Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Sauce of High Performing Teams

With 58% of all job performance based on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), it has increasingly become a skill that teams invest in. Learn how to move teams to higher levels of engagement and performance in this fun, interactive workshop.


Developing Professional Development Plans (PDPs) that Invigorate

If you want to play to win, your team has to be moving towards the same goal. This workshop is designed to help teams get on the same page and create both team and individual plans that are tangible, objective, and actionable.


How to Increase Engagement Regardless of Circumstance

Engagement is the key to having employees that love the work they do. Engaged employees get more done in less time and are eager to push themselves to the next level. There is only so much a company can do to create an environment where people thrive; most engagement comes from within. In this workshop, learn about the principles of internal motivation and participate in developing a personal strategy plan to increase your own engagement.


Developing a Flexible Management Style

Part of the growth journey of any leader is recognizing that there are multiple ways to accomplish the same goal. By adopting a flexible management style, leaders at any level can learn to draw out the ingenuity of individuals on the team. This workshop equips leaders with the skills needed to grow good teams into great ones by practicing a flexible management style.

The magic sauce in making workshops work is ensuring the practice of learned skills even after class is over. We know that practice takes time, and thus provide two group coaching sessions after the completion of the workshop to further enhance learning and application.

Get your employees engaged!